Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX

CPI Moling does Butt Fusion

Please see our video of a correct joint on a section of 90mm SDR 17.6 PE Gas Pipe.

Butt Fusion (sometimes called Heat Welding or simply Heat Fusion) is a welding process used to join two different pieces of a thermoplastic. This process involves heating both pieces simultaneously and pressing them together. The two pieces then cool together and form a permanent bond. When done properly, the two pieces become indistinguishable from each other.

Dissimilar plastics, or untrained installers can result in improper bonding and later failure of the joint resulting in leakages.

This can be a cost saving method on the traditional fusion coupler method of jointing, as no fittings are required on the straight joints and certainly on the larger sizes of pipe these can be very costly.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.

Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
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Ongoing and New Works - Telephone: 01243 864765.
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