Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
Ongoing and New Works - Telephone : 01243 864765
Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX

Project at Aldworth Science College

This is Aldworth Science College, a project that CPI Moling carried out during the 2015 school summer holidays. The school required an upgrade of its existing external gas work, to meet its growing demand. For this they required a 315mm Gas Service to be installed, which is one of the largest pipes that we had undertaken in recent years and certainly the largest that we have installed on a school project. This really demonstrates the increased demand of the modern school, due to increased numbers of pupils and subsequent large extensions.

We have compiled some pictures from during/completion of our works to demonstrate the comprehensive level of work that CPI can offer, with a high demand to meet timescales with realistic expectations. We completed all works required for the gas install within the holidays, ensuring that the school was on its new supply before the children returned.

Further works are to be completed as the school also requires replacement of heating pipes, but due to asbestos works this has been slightly delayed but pictures of this will be to follow in the near future.

Heating Pipework at Aldworth Science College

This is the second half of the project at Aldworth Science College, Firstly the school required an upgrade of the Gas service, but then also required the below ground heating pipework to be upgrading to keep up with the new boilers. In order to do this we utilised the existing ducting that had the original pipework to the old boilers/heating system within. The duct was exposed and the pipework was removed to allow for the new pre-insulated pipework to be easily installed, this was then connected and the system was tested. We then completed project by reinstating the sections, adding a couple additional manholes to allow for easy access in the future, and finally the areas were re-tarmaced.

For all emergency leak repairs, both internal and external, on your water or gas on the consumer side of the primary meter, please call: 01243 864765 and one of our engineers will swiftly assess the situation.

Unit 20, Arun Business Park | Bognor Regis | PO22 9SX
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